Grippaz Dexterity to CE Level 5

Grippaz™ NitriShield® disposable gloves with Grippaz™ technology gloves are engineered for maximum dexterity and toughness.  The soft stretch formula provides dexterity to CE level 5, the maximum possible level!   Grippaz gloves ensure your hand stays comfortable all day long!  One last thing, Grippaz™ are 100% nitrile. No issues with latex protein allergy!

Additional 好处 of Grippaz™ 技术

  • Does not easily tear when snagged
  • 双手灵巧的配合
  • Work quicker by gripping objects easier

newbb电子平台安全 Demonstrations

Grippaz Glove holding a small nail
Grip the tiniest of objects with the most ease.
化学 and liquid mixing protection with Grippaz
化学 and Liquid Protection with Grippaz™


Additional Information about Grippaz™

Latest Products that Feature Grippaz™

newbb电子平台安全’s disposable gloves with Grippaz™ technology are made for a wide range of applications, available in colors blue, 黑色和橙色.   The orange and blue gloves have a thickness of 6 mil and are 9.长度5英寸.  The blue colored glove has a mil thickness of 8 and is 12 inches long.

6毫米(6.2 g) NitrileShield™ with Grippaz™ Powder Free 一次性 Nitrile Industrial 食物 Service...

6毫米(6.3 g) NitriShield™ with Grippaz™ Powder Free 一次性 Nitrile Industrial 食物 Service...

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